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The ability to (re)sell pointless stuff

Over the years we all do it, but most of us throw it away when they need space for some other stuff. I am talking about things you didn’t really need in the first place.

Seriously, did you really need two computers, two tv’s, that many unread books, all those shoes, all those jeans, your DVD (update: Blu-ray) collection, your excessive hobby interests for toys etc. The list goes on as long as man’s stupidity. Forever!

I am one of those in the stupid pool, but I am starting to wake up from my mental numbness and are looking for change. I want to get rid of my stuff and trade it into something thats longer lasting than the joys of materialistic stuff.

"I don’t have that much" was my first initial thought, since I truly don’t in comparison to others here, but even I have something that I really didn’t need in the first place or at least don’t need anymore.

I just did a five minute overview and this is what I’ve found that I really could just sell and never miss (or know existed really):

1x Laptop (2005)
1x Desktop Computer including monitor, keyboard etc (2005)
3x DVDs
1x Digital Camera (2005)
1x Nintendo GameCube (2003)
1x Portable Mp3/Video player (2005)

These are just some things I have in sight around me that I have NO use for at all. I estimate I’ll get around 400-500 dollars for that which is listed (which is money just laying around).

Oh, and I got my old car that I don’t use anymore, which also can be sold and would give me around 1700 dollars. I will be starting to sell it now and think clearly of my intended usage before I buy anything next time (that might sound boooring, but I honestly don’t think so, it’s a fun challenge).

So what do you got that can be (re)sold?

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